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If you have already submitted a paper copy of your application, the LBVM Application Portal will not be available to you. You will still need to contact our office at for application updates.

An eight-week (320-hour) Board-Approved preceptorship is a REQUIREMENT FOR LICENSURE in Louisiana for DVM applicants. This is not the same as an externship done while enrolled in a DVM program at a school of veterinary medicine. The Preceptorship requirement has very specific guidelines that must be followed and paperwork requirements which must be submitted in a timely fashion. It may be more advantageous to use your intended employer as a preceptor; however, this is only permissible if the employer is pre-approved by the LBVM as a preceptorship host practice AND you register with the Board office as a preceptee PRIOR to the start of your employment.

Any person who performs surgery, makes a diagnosis or prognosis, or prescribes medications or appliances to an animal in Louisiana is practicing veterinary medicine. To legally practice veterinary medicine in Louisiana, you must have a license to practice OR be registered as a preceptee with the LBVM. If you are not registered as a preceptee with the Board then you must have an active Louisiana license to provide these services. Direct supervision is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR BOARD APPROVAL (see Rules 702 and 1031 of the Louisiana Veterinary Practice Act).


1. Preceptees can check the List of Approved Preceptorship sites to confirm that the practice selected is a pre-approved facility. One can also contact the Board office at or 225-925-6620 if there are any questions are concerns regarding a possible Preceptorship site.

If not, preceptees may request that a “Practice Assessment Questionnaire” be sent to the practice for completion.

2. All forms mentioned below are required elements of the program. Incomplete submissions cannot be approved. No license numbers can be issued until the preceptorship has been completed, reviewed, and approved.

3. Approval of preceptorships is not automatic. Deficiencies in the program or in the evaluation of the preceptee may cause a delay in the licensing process. Normal processing time for complete submissions is two to four weeks.

4. All preceptorships must consist of not less than eight (8) calendar weeks in training — a minimum of 320 hours over 8 full weeks — spent in a board-approved, private clinical practice. A week in training consists of a minimum of 40 hours earned during a maximum of six (6) calendar days. A calendar day shall not exceed twelve (12) hours in duration. The board office will only count a maximum of 6 calendar days in a week and only twelve hours per calendar day. There must be STRICT ADHERANCE to the dates on the Preceptorship Agreement form.

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Pursuant to the LA Veterinary Practice Act Rule 1105.E, the board shall have the discretionary right to waive compliance with the preceptorship program when the applicant has been licensed in another state or is eligible for a license without examination, and provides written proof of employment as a licensed veterinarian in a full time, clinical practice for a minimum of 90 days for the period immediately prior to submission of the license application to the board. Post-graduate Resident/Intern programs may qualify for a waiver of the Board’s requirement. The Board reviews all waiver requests at its bi-monthly board meetings; however, a waiver of the preceptorship requirement is NOT guaranteed. One must complete the online application and submit all required supplemental documents and pay all associated fees before the Board will review any request for a waiver. An applicant MUST meet the very specific requirements above for the Preceptorship waiver.

If the LBVM Office feels you may be eligible for the Preceptorship waiver, additional supporting documentation such as copies of W-2s and Letters of Employment Verification will be required in order for the Board to review the waiver request. Decisions made regarding a possible waiver are NOT immediate and can take months, given that the Board only meets every other month. Please contact the LBVM at if you have any questions regarding the possible Preceptorship waiver.

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1. Complete & Submit the LA DVM Online Application
– You must first submit your DVM application for licensure to the Board and pay all associated fees before you can even consider looking into completing the preceptorship requirement.  You can complete the DVM license application in the LBVM Application Portal at

If you have already submitted a paper copy of your application, the LBVM Application Portal will not be available to you. You will still need to contact our office at for application updates.

2. Getting a Practice Approved as a Preceptorship Location – The practice selected must be pre-approved a minimum of two weeks PRIOR to the desired start date of the preceptorship. Preceptees should check the List of Pre-Approved Preceptorship Sites below or contact the Board office to request a list of pre-approved practices in a specific area.

List of Pre-Approved Preceptorship Sites

How to Get Pre-Approval for a Preceptor/Practice – If the desired practice is not a pre-approved facility, the preceptee must request that a “Practice Assessment Questionnaire” (see documents below) be sent to the practice for completion. The completed questionnaire must be submitted directly to the Board office. The approval process can take several weeks so you are strongly encouraged to start this practice approval process as early as possible. Limited approval for a specialty facility – such as but not limited to, referral clinics, research facilities, and humane societies – may take longer as the request must go before the full Board at its bi-monthly meeting.

The following documents should be downloaded and carefully read by the practice requesting pre-approval as a Preceptorship site:

3. Completing & Submitting the Preceptorship Agreement Form
– Once a desired practice is approved by the Board and/or selected, the preceptee and the practice must jointly submit the Preceptorship Agreement Form. This agreement form must be submitted to the Board office at least two weeks in advance of the preceptorship starting date and only after the practice has been officially approved as a preceptorship site by the Board. NOTE – Approval of a facility’s “Practice Assessment Questionnaire” is NOT approval to start your preceptorship.

4. Signing & Submitting Preceptorship Acknowledgement Sheet – Preceptees will receive an acknowledgment sheet with a copy of the approved job description on file for the practice chosen. After the job description has been reviewed by the preceptee, the preceptee should sign and return the acknowledgment sheet to the Board office at

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Preceptees are required to keep a detailed Preceptorship Attendance Log throughout the duration of the preceptorship, recording the days and number of hours worked. The Preceptorship Attendance Log must be signed by both the supervising veterinarian and the preceptee before being submitted to the Board office upon completion of the preceptorship.

Preceptees must work no less than eight full weeks with a minimum of 320 hours over the eight week span. A week in training consists of a minimum of 40 hours earned during no more than six days within a calendar week and no more than 12 hours worked in a day.

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1. Preceptee Responsibilities After Preceptorship
 – Preceptees must complete and submit the Preceptorship Practice Evaluation form to the Board.

2. Preceptor Responsibilities After Preceptorship – The supervising veterinarian serving as the preceptor must complete and submit the Preceptor’s Evaluation of Preceptee Participation form to the Board.

Both of these evaluations must be received by the LBVM Office in order for the preceptorship licensure requirement to be considered complete.

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