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Preceptorship Practice Facility
General Information

Practices who wish to participate as a host facility in the preceptorship program must complete and submit a Practice Assessment Questionnaire, which is a form the Board uses to determine if a practice meets the standards to be a preceptorship host facility. As part of the Practice Assessment Questionnaire, the practice must satisfactorily complete a Job Description form which is distributed to prospective participants interested in performing a preceptorship with the facility so that both parties understand in advance what will be expected during the preceptorship.

Practices must submit a completed questionnaire and job description at least two weeks prior to the start of a preceptorship by a prospective participant to provide adequate time for approval of the practice as a host facility. No firm commitment can be made between the prospective preceptee and preceptor facility and no preceptorship should be started before the practice is approved. Limited approval for a specialty facility, such as but not limited to; referral clinics, research facilities, and humane societies, may take longer as the request must go before the full Board at its bi-monthly meeting.

Approval of a facility includes:

  1. Practices providing small animal service must adhere to high standards of surgical services including a separate prep room; availability of gas anesthesia; and use of gowns, caps and masks for orthopedic and other involved surgeries.
  2. Standards for large animal surgery must be consistent with good modern surgical techniques and provide for the performance of aseptic operative procedures.

Practices must be equipped or have the availability to provide full radiographic services and comply with all state and federal radiological standards. Clinical pathology diagnostic services must be utilized. The caseload of the practice must be such as to provide a good exposure while allowing for preceptor-preceptee interaction. A preceptor must be willing to provide supervised, hands-on experience in all areas of a private, clinical practice including administrative management as well as medical.

Practices dealing in specialty areas, such as but not limited to, referral clinics, research facilities, and humane societies, may receive limited approval from the Board which will allow for no more than one-half (1/2) of a required preceptorship to be performed by a preceptee at the facility.

An approved preceptor is responsible for assuming the roll of an instructor during the preceptorship period with the primary objective of training the preceptee under direct supervision and to ensure that the degree of delegated duties to the preceptee does not conflict with the veterinary practice act of the state in which the facility is located. The preceptor is to assure that the preceptee's assignments cover all aspects of the practice including office management, bookkeeping, and economics - unless the facility holds a limited approval. The Preceptor must conduct oneself in a professional and ethical manner and extend the same privileges to the preceptee as afforded other practice employees. The preceptor should never consider the preceptee as a substitute employee or to represent the preceptee as being a fully licensed veterinarian. The preceptor will be required to evaluation the preceptee's performance at the end of the preceptorship.

Practice Assessment Questionnaire
Sample Job Description
Permanent Job Description Submittal
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