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DVM Examination Application Instructions


  1. Must submit a completed, signed, and notarized LBVM application form with a passport type photograph attached.

  2. Must send payment of the application fee as noted on the LBVM application form. Payment of fees to the Board may be made by personal check or money order/cashier's check made payable to Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine. Cash will only be accepted if payment made in person at the board office. Any NSF returned checks could invalidate you to take examinations or stop you from receiving licensure unless re-payment is made in cash (in person) or by money order/cashier's check only.

  3. Must submit proof of fourth-year student status or graduation from an accredited school of veterinary medicine - a Certificate of Anticipated Graduation form (provided in the Board application packet) must be submitted completed by the school of veterinary medicine you are attending (faxed forms not accepted) OR a photocopy of your diploma or an original, official school transcript stating degree conferred. Foreign school students or graduates must also submit proof of enrollment and completion of Step 3 in or completion of a Board accepted foreign education certification (AVMA-ECFVG or AAVSB-PAVE) program (faxed forms not accepted).

  4. Must submit a NBVME examination application form and payment of the examination fee for the NAVLE. This application should be submitted directly to NBVME by mail or electronically (see NBVME form for instructions). Payment of the NAVLE exam fee can only be accepted by money order or cashier's check made payable to the NBVME (by credit card if applying directly to NBVME electronically; see NBVME instructions).



  1. Must submit items 1, 2 and 3 in above section. Fourth-year students may NOT sit for the state examination unless they are eligible for graduation within not less than 60 days of the date that the examination is administered.

SECOND TIME OR RE-TAKE APPLICANTS FOR ANY EXAMINATION - Applicants who have submitted a complete application packet within the last 24 months may update their file with the following submissions:

  1. An Application Update form - All sections must be answered; form must be signed by applicant and notarized. No photograph is required to be attached to the update form.
  2. Payment of all applicable fees as indicated on the application update form. No application fee is due with updates. There are no discounts for retaking any examination. Payments to the LBVM may be made by personal check or money order. Cash will only be accepted in person. Payments for NAVLE must be made to the NBVME by money order or cashier's check only.  (by credit card if applying directly to NBVME electronically; see NBVME instructions).

See the Licensure Checklist for additional items required for completion of licensure process.


A faculty license is a restricted license issued by the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine to veterinarians who are employed at the LSU-School of Veterinary Medicine and practice veterinary medicine within the perimeters of the school's teaching hospital but who are required to be licensed in order to received accreditation from the USDA to sign health certificates. Holders of a faculty license cannot practice outside the perimeters of the school's teaching hospital.

Applicants for faculty license must submit:

  1. A completed, signed, notarized Board-approved application form with a current passport size photograph attached;
  2. Proof of graduation from an AVMA-accredited college or school of veterinary medicine - i.e. photocopy of diploma or original, official school transcript indicating degree conferred;
  3. Verification of employment at LSU-School of Veterinary Medicine;
  4. Proof of licensure in good standing from all states where licensure is or was held; and
  5. All applicable fees including, but not limited to, the initial application fee of $75 and the original faculty license fee of $225.

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